American Theatre Magazine Showcases freeFall Theatre

By emilieNovember 4th, 2011Emilie's cornerNo Comments

It’s utterly stop-you-in-your-tracks breathtaking.

Imagine the sensation yesterday as I flipped through the latest issue of “American Theatre Magazine,” and there on page 52 reaching up from the paper was this glossy, larger-than-could-be-expected full color beautiful picture of Puck and Oberon sharing a moment over a magical pool of lighted water.

But this wasn’t just any Puck, nor any Oberon. No, it was OUR Puck, OUR kind of the fairy world. Giles Davies and Gene D’Allesandro smirk from the pages.

It’s an amazing feeling to be featured in a national theatre publication, and to be alongside such a dynamic force that the article also details: the premise of the piece, after all, is the resurgence of strong and plentiful theatre in the Tampa Bay area.

Share the joy and pride of being a part of this dynamic region: check out the full article below, and then be sure to frequent your favorite theatre!

freeFall Featured in American Theatre Magazine

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