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There’s something different going on here…

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Ever had that feeling of something being not-quite-the-usual? Perhaps a touch of deja vu with a healthy serving of unexpected on the side? You’re starting to get the feeling of freeFall.

We’ve been asked “Why ‘freeFall’?” more times than we can remember, and each time we pause. The “why” has always been easy: to create a theatre that offers you the sensation of free-falling through space, where the world as you know it fades away and the rules–of traditional theatre, of how you’re supposed to experience art, even physics–don’t seem to apply.

But beyond the art, we’re finding a complementary vision emerging. We’re here to serve the community: the individuals, the groups, the organizations that make up the composite that is our region. We partner with other like-minded agencies that are backed, supported, propped up even, by people who are also committed to doing things differently.

freeFall isn’t about the six of us who run this theatre endeavor. It’s about the millions of us who live in our region and who thirst for new experiences. Who wish to experience all that the community has to offer. Who want our community, at its very core, to be different for this.

Be a part of it. The view from the edge of your seat has never been better.

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